Upcoming Equipping Hour Studies

Get Wisdom

The Bible is God’s means of revealing himself to believers today. Its importance in the growth of the believer cannot be overstated. How do we study God’s Word so that we increase our understanding of what God is saying to us and then apply it to our lives? Join us for this study as we learn how to determine the context and meaning of what we are reading so that its application will be clear. We will learn Bible study methods, the importance of questions, and how to use a variety of online and physical tools to aid our work. Let’s grow together as we grow in the knowledge of God’s Word.

Meeting in the Worship Center Sundays at 9am.

Exploring Southside

Membership Class

Join us for an 10-week course as we discover how our church functions and how we apply the theology we understand the Bible to teach.

Meeting in Room 10 starting March 31st, 2024.