Current Equipping Hour Studies


Worldviews in Conflict

We all see our world through the lens of our worldview. A Worldview is a coherent and consistent set of ideas which determines how we interpret the world. Our worldview provides our perspective on moral actions, the place of science in our world, what we believe about God, and man, etc. These are not easy questions, and most of us do not think through them enough. In this class we will examine prevailing worldviews and contrast those with a Christian perspective. Our hope is that this class will allow us to reason together. Isaiah says, “come let us reason” and that is what we will do, together as God’s people.

This class meets in the Worship Center Sundays at 9am.

Faithful Parenting

Gospel-Centered Parenting Class

When it comes to children, parents have so many concerns - potty training, sibling rivalry, bed times, screen time, tempers, problems sharing, picky eating to only mention a few. As Christian parents we begin to turn to our own parents, friends, books, or even "experts" for help managing the chaos. While some may offer good pieces of advice, what every family really needs is time. Time to understand how to build a relationship with your child, to know each other in your family well, to know yourself well, and develop biblical insight and wisdom. What is easy to lose sight of in our parenting is that God is not looking for us to raise the perfect children. What God is most concerned with is faithfulness in our task. So what does faithful parenting look like? Come join us and see!

This class meets in Room 10 Sundays at 9am.

Upcoming Equipping Hour Studies

Exploring Southside

Membership Class

Join us for an 11-week course as we discover how our church functions and how we apply the theology we understand the Bible to teach.